Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Fifth Grade...Month One

Here is the letter I sent to Ryan's therapist this afternoon....15 days into 5th grade (actually it was 13 days because he was home sick for two!)  I know this is a, hopefully, keeping it all written down will remind me of all that I've accomplished by the end of the year!

Well see.....

Mr. Rick,

I just got off of the phone with the special ed teacher & principal at Ryan’s school (2 WEEKS IN, that’s a little discouraging :(!)…anyhoo… Ms. A (the special ed instructor) says that she is seeing a lot of positive changes. He’s no longer shy, or withdrawn…he’s not having meltdowns, or crying fits & appears to be expressing himself well (not always “appropriately” but he’s communicating, so that’s good). Lately (aka since day numero uno) he’s had a few kids he’s been clashing with apparently. I went to the “meet the teacher” event last week and saw one of his classmates. He didn’t appear to have downs syndrome, but he exhibited a lot of similar characteristics…he was a BIG boy, very loud, friendly, “touchy” (I realize how stuffy and uppity that sentence makes me appear L)…and I was instantly nervous. The teacher referred to the kids as “high maintenance with BIG personalities…” Sticking a kid with social inhibitions and a need for strict rule adherence into a class with kids who are loud and unpredictable? Maybe not a good choice… Apparently I’m prophetic…. The phone call was to tell me that Ryan (along with 3 other boys) would be moving to the OTHER set of 5th grade teachers on Monday. Ms. A said that Ryan had taken her aside and finally, in a matter-of-fact declaration announced….”I just hate them Mrs. A.” Once again, while not entirely appropriate, a clear step in the right direction….right? (hehe). Apparently he’s been aggressively campaigning against those kids with “evil eyes” and snarls, and snarky comments. In an effort to resolve the conflict and give everyone the best chance at a successful school year- they’re gonna move some folks around and look for a better match…

She also said that, unlike LAST year, Ryan has been much more open to receiving and asking for help. He isn’t happy about having to work on “phonics” work…he says it’s beneath him, for kindergarteners, and babies. Unfortunately, his special reading class forces him to miss Science for the first 9 weeks of school, and Social Studies for the 2nd 9 weeks. That’s especially frustrating for him, because Science is his FAVORITE thing in school, and one of his best subjects, so it continues to be a compromise that he objects to…often. SO yeah…..that’s where we are.

He seems to be doing better…communicating his issues, controlling his temper, objecting often…but not “obsessing” over things. They are making some changes in hopes of resolving his personality clashes. Hopefully heading in the right direction…



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